Our Story

Pull up a chair.

As we understand it, many years ago the founder of our organization shared his vision to see field based communications teams gathering stories from around the globe. Staff at the US Mobilization Base stewarded this vision for over a decade, praying the Lord would bring workers together to form this specific team.

In 2013 the first Commnet team launched in Southeast Asia, and we stepped into something that had been bathed in prayer. We share the same passions as our founder – first and foremost a passion for God – and our passion for stories  brings us together as a team.

Each time we gather with fellow workers from across our region, we are moved by their stories. Some are shared with words, others simply show in their faces.

There are stories of every kind. Stories of redemption, pain, hope and seemingly always joy. They are shared with deep passion, occasional desperation, sometimes tears and often with generous smiles.

Everyone has a story.

With our sacred trust to “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples” (Psalm 96:3) we sense that God is robbed of His glory when these stories from the harvest field go unheard.

We also believe that the Bride of Christ is ready to respond through praying, giving and raising up workers, as the narrative of G0d’s work goes out.

Commnet, is uniquely positioned to gather, compile and share these stories. If you’re a Pioneers worker in Southeast Asia, we’d love to help you share yours.

Partnering with Commnet is not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a Hollywood outfit to breeze in for a week with a truck-load of gear and a crew of 8 to handle tech needs for your conference, or a pay for service arrangement, you’ll need to keep looking. That’s not what we’re about.

Rather, we’re a compact team of cross-disciplined media professionals, committed to a small footprint, focused on gathering your story on location and sharing it for the glory of God.

Since we’re small and based in Southeast Asia, we’re highly mobile and can be in your neck of the woods, jungle, city, or village with relative ease. Where feasible, this provides the opportunity to compile and share multiple chapters of your story as it unfolds over time.

Being workers ourselves we understand the time, energy and sacrifice you’ve made in developing your ministry, relationships and identity. We hold your security and the security of those among whom you minister in highest regard. In creative access environments, we’ll take appropriate action to ensure our presence with you or in your vicinity makes sense.

We aim to give, not to take.

It’s your story, not ours. We’d like to help gather up the pieces, put it all together and share it for the glory of God. We’ll make the processed media that we create available for you to download right here on our secure website.

We’ll also provide a heads-up of the completed project to our global network of mobilizers to ensure that international audiences have the opportunity to experience it. In this way others can pray specifically, give sacrificially, and go themselves as the Lord uses His stories to call workers to the harvest fields.

We are passionate about His stories.

Our Vision Statement.

Commnet is a field based team of cross-disciplined creatives and their families dedicated to declaring the Glory of God globally and locally, advocating for the unreached harvest fields, and engaging individuals in our communities with the good news of God’s Kingdom.

It’s about creatives with a passion for His renown investing their talents in communicating how God is at work in our region by networking with and coming alongside Pioneers workers and national partners to provide international audiences with near real-time stories.

It’s about cross-disciplined professionals with a heart for unreached nations gathering, compiling and sharing stories to champion the great commission and advocate for specific needs within the fields where we serve.

It’s about followers of Jesus not content to share the stories of others, but who are committed to playing a role in the story ourselves. Through engaging the unreached in strategic and intentional relationships we purpose to see not-yet-believers enter into the Kingdom of God by His sovereign hand.

In all of this it is our ambition that the work of our hands, minds, hearts and mouths will be used to expand the Kingdom of God, mobilize workers, catalyze intercessors, and marshal financial partners to buttress the initiation of church-planting movements in our region and beyond.

The nitty gritty.

The primary purpose of Commnet Projects is to capture stories among Pioneers and/or their communities and national partners, and SHARE these stories with a wide audience to celebrate how God is at work, advocate for unreached peoples, and invite others into the harvest fields.

Commnet projects WILL BE SHARED ONLINE. This DOES NOT preclude sharing stories from a security sensitive environment! 

With our core-value of innovation and flexibility, CommNet is dedicated to finding creative ways to capture and share stories in ways that aid in neutralizing security related issues.


Commnet may engage with projects that contain a number of these elements:

  • the project brings glory to God
  • the project specifically advocates for reaching unreached peoples
  • the work of God is clearly discernible in the story
  • the project demonstrates or highlights Pioneers Core Values
  • the project is primarily communicated in English
  • if there is a financial ‘ask’, giving is directed through a Pioneers capital campaign

Commnet may engage in:

  • mini-documentaries and video projects for teams / areascultural / religious / spiritual mosaics for pray-give-go advocacy
  • photography to communicate facts, empathy, conditions, beauty or creativity as stand alone pieces or support material for video, print and online projects
  • graphic design that supports Commnet projects and media campaigns
  • long and short form writing
  • posting content to social media and commnetmedia.com

Commnet does not engage in:

  • projects for an offline audience only
  • projects focused on an organization
  • projects with a restricted audience
  • clearly ethnocentric projects
  • stories that will clearly endanger workers or national believers in their telling
  • projects solely focused on personal fund raising
  • team member newsletter creation
  • personal update videos
  • creation of slide shows
  • video / audio recording of conferences
  • projects for commercial use